April 16, 2024



Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

One of the number 1 killer of marriage and relationship is NO COMMUNICATION!
No matter how bad issues are, TALK, TALK.

Ready made relationship does not exist

Whenever you enter a relationship, see yourself as two farmers holding a hoe together and you’re going to the farm to go and plot the land.
When you say you love somebody next time, you’re saying, you love the sum total of their liabilities and weaknesses.

You will never find a perfect man or woman because you are not perfect yourself.

Do you know there may be friction in your relationship and it is not the devil eating you up, it’s just a sign that you are human beings. What is the remedy? COMMUNICATION

“Communication helps you to understand yourself. It will enhance your relationship.”

When you enter a relationship, you are vulnerable by default. Rules that you don’t define, you will cross boundaries without knowing.

There are many anointed brothers that suddenly entered relationship and they found out that, they are sleeping with the lady and doing a lot of things to their shock because:
1. You didn’t discuss it.
2. You are not doing anything about it.

How can you go and spend weekend in the house of somebody you are already emotionally attached and physically attracted to? You are vulnerable.

Sister, you’re not firewood, discuss it; you are emotional. Don’t go and spend weekend in a guy’s house, you’re not married to him. Say AMEN.

Do you know: Every time you sleep with a lady or you sleep with a guy that you are not married with, there is a seed of resentment and hatred that comes?

Say this: I receive grace to set boundaries.

Brother, can I tell you something; when you start sleeping with a lady, I assure you, your chances of marrying her will diminish by a sizable factor because part of the things that should make you want that lady is that she’s keeping herself and it’s supposed to be the blessing and consummation of marriage.

Sister, you just open up yourself to any brother, he’s just sleeping with you and telling you, “Don’t worry, in 2 weeks, I’ll give an engagement ring”. You wait & go and hear what he’s saying in the midst of his friends.

Be Careful! Be Careful!! How far is far? Please define it.


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