July 16, 2024



Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

Every time you see a great man, don’t look at his crown, look at his scars.

Don’t look at his crown, it’s deceitful. Behind every crown, there are scars. Paul said, “let no man trouble me.”
Any man you see with a crown on his head and does not have scars, run away, what you saw is a mirage.

Brothers and Sisters, stop closing your scars because they will become the symbol of your greatness tomorrow.
In the realm of greatness, your pass is your scars. When you get to that gate, life will ask you, show me the scar that is a demonstration that you are a victor because it is he that endures to the end.

Many of you want manifestation but you don’t want scars.
In the school of greatness, everyone has scars, it is your report card.

Between you and the vision is a season of preparation.

Never be ashamed to sit before the presence of great people:
Sit before the great and ask them for their secrets not what you can get. Don’t take the gift of access for granted.

There is so much the Lord wants to do in our lives but the question is, to what degree are you willing to align?

Age does not necessarily mean you are doing right. Young people have time but they don’t have wisdom, old people have wisdom but they don’t have time but when the Holy Spirit comes to help you, he adds wisdom to your time.

Challenge yourself to be exceptional.

There are four (4) levels of living in life:
Level 1: The level of survival
Level 2: The level of comfort
Level 3: The level of luxury
Level 4: The level of extravagance
Stop trying to look successful, pay the price to be successful. Anyone can be great if you are willing to pay the price.

The price is the constraint to get knowledge, information, and to sit under the feet of uncommon mentors at their terms not at your terms.

Pray this: Lord, I will move at your pace in life. I refuse to look successful, I pay the price to be successful.

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