April 16, 2024



Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

“I have said that fasting and prayer do not bring miracles. Fasting and prayer do not in themselves bring power rather as far as I’m concerned, solve one issue, unbelief. It brings your capacity to a point where you can understand and align appropriately so that, spiritual things will begin to happen in your life.

So Jesus went to fast and pray not, fast and sleep, not fast and gist. 

Many of us, what we call fasting, I’m telling you the truth from God’s perspective, it’s a hunger strike. He said “is this not a fast I have commanded,” that means there is a kind of fast you know we do a lot of religious things and we want people to see.

They say “come and eat” and you say “this is my 11th day, I’ve been fasting.” Who cares?

Just don’t disturb us, if you are fasting, it’s between you and God, must you tell us, It’s 11 days, and well when I get to the 15th day, I’ll start taking water.”

If you like fast, for 1 million days, that’s your cup of tea but I’m telling you that fasting is a personal affair, it is doing something to your spiritual man.

Brothers and sisters, if you do not fast, there are some dimensions you may never enter spiritually.

And Jesus returned after fasting, what happened, he returned in the power, notice he was filled with the Holy Ghost but we did not see the power of the Spirit but after fasting and praying, the power of the Spirit was at work. 

You see the difference, he had the presence of the Holy Ghost but he probably would not do any signs and wonders, so the bible says it this way, Acts 10:38, how God anointed Jesus first, with the Holy Ghost at the baptism, second, with power when he went to fast.

The place of prayer and fasting is the place where you contact true spiritual power. 

Acts chapter 4:31, we saw this in the life of the apostles so even in the new testament, fasting and prayer were part of the church.

Okay well, here just talks about prayer but there’s a place where they fasted and prayed.

He said “and when they had prayed, what happened, the place was shaken” 

As much as possible, add to your prayer, fasting. It’s like adding fuel to fire, your prayer life will be richer when you fast.

While they separated themselves and they prayed and fasted, the Holy Ghost spoke to them.

Prayer and fasting bring you to a point where the voice of the Spirit comes crystal clear upon your spirit, crystal clear, the encumbrances that dwell in the realm of the flesh are now swallowed up because you see the flesh is only active when there is food.

There is a relationship between food and this realm and when it crosses its boundary, it empowers the flesh.

The place was shaken and they were assembled together and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost and they spake the word of God with boldness. 

Fasting and prayer give you boldness.

Let me tell you, we have seen this in this house, there are many people who came; If you see somebody who is weak and if you are suffering from inferiority, let me tell you the antidote: Pray. 

Go and join the prayer band for one month, stretch in tongues every day and see how the spirit of wholeness swallows up fear and timidity. 

I’ve seen people who the first time I met, some of them will not even be able to look at you but after a season of prayer, that weight just breaks down because God helps you. 

Even our little children that you see here, look at the boldness in all of them because of the ministry of praying. You do bible study without prayer, forget about boldness.

Let me guarantee you, forget about boldness, I was teaching the school of ministry students and I told them, if you are about to start a ministry, start it first as a prayer meeting, not a bible study fellowship, I know it looks religious, the word, word.

You will never truly pray and forget the word of God.

Let me tell you the truth if you make spiritual contact, eventually, you will stop and consider the word.” – Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

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