May 21, 2024



Rev. Felix Adejumo

“Don’t let your life end with you, invest into your future, build with posterity in mind. 

I told the ladies yesterday, don’t wear the cement you should use as a building. Don’t spend the money you should give to the bricklayer, the masons at Mr Biggs.

Put things together, don’t try to be anybody. When you are 40, as a man you should have at least a landed property, that’s why they call them landlords.

Many years ago, my husband, I had served him a sumptuous meal, breakfast you know, lunch, he came home from work, and while he was eating, enjoying himself, my second son walked up to him, he was about seven, then.

He said to him, “Dad, you are the only one enjoying in this house, see the table” and my husband said, “in my house?”  My son said, “we know the landlord, you are not the owner.” That day, my husband dropped the fork and the knife, “Darling, come, jump into the car.”  We went out looking for land that day, we got land. Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings.

All the corned beef you are eating, all the cord lace, everything they wear, that’s what you wear and you don’t have a house. 

If the person that built the one you rented didn’t build, will you be there? 

If your landlord makes you the chief tenant, you are the one collecting rent, so you have been here 20 years, “so help us collect rent,” the man is using you to rise.

Today I push you forward.” – Rev Funke Felix Adejumo

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