June 21, 2024



Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo

Here’s a list of the relationships you should invest into:

1. Christ: This is your relationship with the LORD.
2. Clarifiers: There should be people in your life that clarify your vision. This could be your spouse, accountability partner, someone that you revere.

“Don’t marry a man that does not fear nobody.”

The people in your life are your brake system.

“If you don’t follow anybody, don’t expect anybody to follow you.”

From the womb to the grave, you need people. When the devil wants to deal with anyone, he isolates them.
3. Collaborators: They come into your life and you rise. Ministry can not run without money, you need them, it’s not only anointing.
4. Comforters: You need them. Sometimes, you are in pain yet you are building.
5. Coach(es)

“Tiger Wood is the best golfer in the world, he has a coach”

6. Confronters
7. Catchers: Invest into people deliberately and intentionally.

“Don’t die like Elisha that took his anointing to the grave.”

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