June 23, 2024



Apostle Michael Orokpo

God wants to release grace, strength and wisdom.

GRACE: This is the ability to live above death and corruption. We will be armed on the left and right to counter everything the devil is doing. If this doesn’t come upon you, your life will be a struggle.

When this grace comes upon your head, whether the devil likes it or not, you are jolted like the horn of the unicorn.
The reason you begin to sense hunger to pray is not because you love prayer. There is a wisdom from the mountains of Zion that is sucking you to the place where you would interact with grace.

When the hunger comes to fast, you are hearing the sound of the trumpet. Graces have been allocated, so angels; creatures of heaven are wooing men to the presence sucking them into prayer.
We don’t run by speeding, we run by waiting; so it doesn’t matter who moves first. It doesn’t matter if you’re running with the chariot of a king, what is the grace on your head?

When it comes, you will lead your generation. God is releasing graces, many who are numbered are not aware.
It is the grace on your life that gives you identity in Zion.

STRENGTH: God is releasing STAMINA. There’s a strength that is coming, the feeble will become mighty. He doesn’t need your strength, the one you have to do with, his name is EL-SHADDAI.

He doesn’t need your strength, that’s why God breaks men to use them, so you lose your confidence in what you think you are; it’s not an asset in the spirit.

You are strong because your stamina is in the waters of the spirit, the word of the LORD abides in you. Men that eat the word of God everyday. He said, “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”


WISDOM: Wisdom is not intelligence. It is the ability to enter the heart of a spirit and isolate his counsel, so you live by the light of God. That’s why Job said, “By light, I walk through darkness.” It’s not an activity of prophets. Thank God for the edge that the prophets have but every one of must learn to enter the heart of God.


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