June 23, 2024



Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

In any meeting, that’s was ordained by God; Four things must happen:

Number #1: There must be encounters.

The goal of an encounter is to create certainty and conviction. When a generation lacks encounters, our convictions will vacillate so we believe this today and we believe that tomorrow and we are no longer sure of it.

The Apostle said, “I know who I have believed and I am persuaded.”

Number #2: There must be a transformation.

The ministry of the word brings transformation, growth in our understanding, enlightenment; that access to light opens our eyes, so we are no longer looking through a hazy lens. We are changed: TRANSFORMATION!

The Bible says, “But we all with faces unveiled beholding him as in a mirror, are being changed.”

Number #3: Another thing that should happen in every meeting where God is truly represented is that an opportunity must be given for the love and power of God to be made manifest in the midst of his people.

God is love and the character of love is that it gives, so the benevolence of God must be represented in every meeting. When lives are changed, when yokes are taken off people, when destinies are transformed, when age-long activities end overnight, that is the signature of God’s love in the midst of his people.

More than an endorsement of the power of the man of God is a message from God that, “I am love and mighty.”

In the same way, sickness and uniformity and all these ills, are like letters from satan to God, using man as the paper. So, he writes on man, the zenith of God’s creation, it’s a mockery of God’s integrity. Now, when God stretches his hands, it’s a reply also, using man to speak to Satan, that I am still King of kings and Lord of lords.

When miracles, signs, and wonders do not happen to the degree that brings glory to Christ, it begins to misrepresent the names and the attributes of God. The names of God should just not be believed theologically, there should be a demonstration of the reality of it.

So, if you call him, El-Shaddai; there must be space in your life where that name will be represented so that when you are teaching your children, it will not just be from history and genealogy.

You will now say, “the things that we have seen, the things that we have heard, even that which our hands have handled of the word of life.”

Number #4: There must be impartations.

Impartations is more than just a transference of grace, it’s also a mingling of graces. This is because, in a charged atmosphere, it’s not only the man of God’s anointing that is flowing, someone seated close to you can also be carrying a grace that your destiny is looking for.

So, your sensitivity should not just be on the person preaching. It should be on the multi-faceted dimensions of the grace of God scattered within that vicinity. You should know what you received at the end of a meeting. If you just go out and say, “I was blessed”, that’s too careless for a serious Christian.

You should leave the meeting knowing specifically that this grace came upon me; speed, restoration, hunger, the appetite for spiritual things, death to the flesh came upon me. An anointing I did not come for the meeting with, is now returning with me.

When Saul met Samuel, he was not in confusion as to the fact that something had come upon him.

Prayer: If you can, lay hands on your head and declare:

Something must break open in my destiny. Oh God, I come with a cry, more than the administration of a man, I pray for encounters, transformation, illumination by the Spirit of revelation.

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