April 13, 2024



Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

DO NOT FORGET THIS: Your assignment is divided into seasonal mandates!

There are people who are workers in this ministry today but the grace upon them, tomorrow, they are going to have their churches and parishes but in this season, their assignment is to be faithful as far as working and learning is concerned.

It is a curse to wake up in the morning and not have a justification for spending your day. You wake up in the morning, nothing to do: You watch movie, you go on internet, you read a book, gossip here and there, sit down, eat food, go out, come back in the evening, yawn yourself to sleep, it’s a useless life.

You must make up your mind, visionary people have to beg sleep to wait. “Sleep, wait! Give me two more hours because of what is burning in my spirit.”

11’o clock, you are already sleeping. The last thing God told you about two years ago, you have not developed it, you are not reading any book, no book on your table, nothing on your laptop.  All on your phone is browsing and gisting, you mean you don’t do any other thing?

Tell yourself: I must be disciplined for the sake of my destiny.

The #5,000 that God blessed you with, use #2,000 to buy CDs and settle down. Make up your mind, I’ll not sleep. I’ll not wake up later than 8’o clock for no reason again. Buy an alarm clock in the market. You must study. Today, you are studying on faith, do not let the devil distract you.

“There are things, if I don’t do in a day, my eyes won’t see sleep.” – Apostle Joshua Selman

We don’t get the anointing just by wish. Do you know the kind of prayer investments it takes to really carry power, spiritual power that works? Buy books, Read!

Listen, life is time-tagged, you will not always have the energy and the time and there is a time when you should have prepared and built certain capacities, whether you are ready or not, life will open the stage, so build capacity now.

Don’t you know that when you get married, you may not have that time to pray the way you want to pray again because you are now under an authority, no matter how prayerful you are?

So now that you have the luxury to roll on the ground, thank God, don’t just keep saying, “When will my husband come?”; Build CAPACITY!!!

Eat for the journey is far!

There are men who don’t know what it means to serve God with pressure of school fees. So, now that you are alone, you are not paying anybody’s school fees. You will write sermons today that you will use for the next ten years.

When you are truly idle, you become the devil’s workshop.

This night time is a good time to sleep but it’s also a good time to make spiritual investments. For some reason, the spirit of revelation is heavy upon men in the night.

Prayer: I destroy the spirit of laziness from your life. Receive grace to settle down and master the night.

Something must CONSUME your heart. Something must BURN within your spirit.


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