July 23, 2024



Apostle Arome Osayi

Have you ever been where a snail is, and you touch the shell? It will take a long time for it to come out because the snail is very sensitive.

You need to understand that the Holy Spirit is more sensitive than that snail.

There are several things you may do that he will forgive you but in order for you to enjoy the same relationship you had with him before, you will suffer much to gain that same level of stature, so that the possibility of committing that kind of crime again will no longer be there.

The higher you go, the harder he will be on you, the more he will streamline your life, the options around your life are no longer many. The more you go, the more he restricts you, the road becomes more narrow because of the lordship of the Holy Spirit.

“I lost my peace, what was my crime? I was going to pay school fees to do a PGD. Is that a problem? But the Lord said, “it is not my will for you”Apostle Arome Osayi

Except you honor the Holy Spirit and accept his government, his power will not be strong in your life.

At some strategic point in your lifetime, there will be a major issue that will shake you to your foundation, such that if he’s not your Lord, you will not be able to go far.

So, will you accept him, will you accept his dominion, his government over your life?

When you have walked with him to a point, like that, he begins to influence every department of your life. You can’t even dare fall in love except he has told you to because the moment the Holy Spirit takes over and you acknowledge his government, he will lead you on a narrow path and that’s the destiny of every true one that walks with him.

Have you come to that point where he can determine your next line of action?

Your mother in the village says you must marry Igbo and you have accepted it as your own template but you went somewhere and he began to show you an Igede girl, and you begin to reject it. You don’t understand it, He must be the Lord.

He becomes powerful when you acknowledge his government.

This is what will advance your life and make his words powerful to your heart when he speaks.

If he gives you signs and you ignore them, a time will come when those signs will not be strong enough to capture your attention. If you trivialize his place, he won’t bother to speak to you.

The proof of his presence is that there is liberty in the spirit realm, the veil is removed and you see beyond this realm to the very foundation of all things.

You understand things from the standpoint of eternity and then, you begin to understand the relevance of your own significant generation and time.

The Lord is that Spirit. He will demand so much from you.

You need to know the Holy Spirit, if not you will fight him the day he comes. You can do bible study and study about revival for ten years but if you don’t know the Holy Ghost, you will be the first person to fight him when he comes.

In fact, if you are not flexible and open, you can not meet him when he comes because he will defer everything you learned from the textbook, It’s not what will happen.

You will fight everybody that God is using to bring that revival because God will not fit into your mindset of how he should come. He’s not your mate, so it’s not the way you say he should come that he will come.

If you know the Holy Spirit, he’s of so much variety and he will make sure he comes in a way that you don’t know so that if you are not really expecting just him, you will not see him.

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