May 27, 2024



Apostle Michael Orokpo

One of the spiritual infrastructures that have the capacity to host a spiritual environment is what we call an altar.

  • An altar is a place of intersection between the supernatural and the natural. It’s a place where natural men can encounter spirit beings, it’s a date in the spirit, and altars are built.

Look at the way the patriarchs lived their lives, when they got to a city or a new environment, the first thing they did was to erect an altar.

In Genesis 8:22, the moment Noah came out of the ark, the first thing he did was to build an altar because he knew it would be impossible to live in the new creation unless an altar was erected.

When you build an altar, you begin to live your life on that altar. That altar becomes a spot where your life can be orchestrated on.

  • An altar becomes the system of the spirit that designs, manipulates, and controls your living, the fathers had enough understanding, so they were men of the altars.

To tell the stories of the patriarch, their lives can not be separated from the altars they built because those altars we’re the revelation of their encounters, and places they entered in the spirit, and the covenants they cut with God. Their lives were defined by altars.

When they entered a city, the first thing they did was to erect an altar. It is spirits that sustain men and men of understanding are men of altars.

Abraham built altars before he built his tent. Those altars made it legal for God to place demands on those territories.

  • When you raise an altar, it dedicates that territory to God and God suddenly has authority over that land. Nobody prospers without altars, not one person in this life.

Anywhere you build an altar is willed to you as a possession and nothing can challenge your existence there.

If you like, begin to do a business, there’s a threshold you get to, the spirit will appear to you because that spirit you want to cross, mere mortals don’t cross there, you only cross those regions with the help of spirits.

  • Altars are the sure foundations for living. They are the true factors that define human existence. Any area of your life, you don’t have an altar, Satan can manipulate you.

You do not stumble into encounters by luck. They are deliberately orchestrated and one of the precursors of encounters is the altars that you build.

If you are a preacher, there has to be an altar with your tongue. If you are a prophet, there has to be an altar with your eyes.

  • Altars, that is where you enforce the promises of God over your life.

Abraham knew how to secure his destiny. There’s a system of kingdom insurance, it’s the system of altars but very few have altars.

Check Scripture, every man that God walked with was a man of the altar, that’s how you create your habitat and become indestructible, even Satan will advise himself before he comes close to you because he knows it will be dangerous.

You will never meet God without an altar.

What makes you appear on the radar of Zion is the incense rising from your altar. If you don’t have an altar, you will just be numbered among the multitude.

Any area you covenant with God, as an altar becomes a property of God. It’s consecrated, it’s a hallowed substance, that’s why you can’t touch some men because their lives have become altars. They have covenanted everything to God.

  • Altars will cost you everything but it is worth it because everything you can have is predicated on the strength of that altar.

Some people become so strong on this altar that when they walk away from the altar, they carry the altars with them wherever they go.

They become moving altars because their lives have been wasted on the altars. They have become one with it that the spirit travels with them. It is the system of kingdom dominion to be able to create an atmosphere that can host the Lord all time.

Don’t be a common man, an ordinary man nor an intelligent man, rather be a spiritual man.

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