April 15, 2024



Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche

“God took a rib from the side of the man and made a woman and when he wanted to make the man, he took dust.

Man is raw material and woman is refined material. He didn’t go back to the earth again when it was time to create the woman, after he finished creating man, what he needed for the man was inside the man.

Woman, you are refined material, don’t make yourself raw. Am I communicating?

There is a finesse about women, there is a touch of perfection. 


Don’t struggle to be like a man, be feminine. Don’t be masculine, allow the rawness with man. When a girl begins to walk scatteredly like a man, she loses her femininity, unlike a woman, am I speaking to somebody here?

When she’s everywhere like a man or just playing and talking anyhow, she loses her dignity and femininity. Allow the finesse that God made you to be, to manifest.

Is God speaking to somebody here? Say, Amen. Say Amen, say a louder Amen.

Look at a woman near you, say, woman, be a woman so that we men can be men.” – Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche

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