June 21, 2024



Bishop David Oyedepo

Nothing justifies divorce, Nothing!!!

Now, listen to this, if you say someone is not good, and you are divorcing him, have you proved the other one?

The one you are running after, have you proved him?

Or don’t you know that the better part of every man is what he shows on the street?

Most of those heavy wrestlers in the family, you think it’s shown like that on the streets?

When you see them, you say this is a complete human being, because he will be so gentle. 

“Good Afternoon Sir, The Lord is with you, Amen”

And the guy has just tiger-ed the wife now.

“That man is so nice, it’s a pleasure always meeting him,” he doesn’t know that’s a tiger in human form.

The day he shows in his true picture. Just as there are gods in the likeness of men, there are also satans in the likeness of men.” – Bishop David Oyedepo

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