July 23, 2024



Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo

“I’m still in that, Luke chapter 10, the Bible says it came to pass as they went, that he entered into a certain village and a certain woman named Martha received him into her house. Something shocked me there, HER house.

There is nothing wrong with God blessing a woman, HER house not her husband’s house, not her father-in-law’s house, HER house.

Can I stand here again to repeat this, that if as a woman the totality of your financial life is dependent on your husband, you are a colossal embarrassment?

If without your husband, you cannot buy ordinary bras or tomatoes, let me explain the situation of things to you now. Gone are the days when women used to lock their husband’s tie and say you must give me money today for food.

We have left that level, if you are still remaining there, you are the only one in that class. We left a long time ago, this is what we do now; whether the man leaves money for food or not, it does not bother us: we cook, we present the food while the man is eating, we massage his head and his back. We sing love songs to him and then after the meal, we use style to collect the money back.

There is nothing wrong with God blessing a woman. Woman, you were configured for blessings.

Until you arrived, God did not pronounce blessings upon humanity and God blessed “them”, he didn’t say God blessed “him.”

It was your arrival that provoked God to bless. 

When the man was there, God was not moved because some blessings are not said, they are provoked but when you stepped in, their blessings came, that is why when a man is privileged to marry you, his life should rise because you are the bringer of blessings. 

Every curse upon your life, I destroy it today in the name of Jesus.

Please wake up women, I’m not teaching you independence, I’m not teaching you lack of submission.

Submission is not subjugation, African submission is slavery and subjugation but Bible submission, but in Ephesians Chapter 5, beginning from verse 21, not 22, submitting yourselves one to another but I’m teaching you how to add value.

When you say you submit, it means I am a heavy-duty person but I give it to you and give you the opportunity to guide and lead me but if you don’t have anything what are you submitting? Submit zero. 

So when the man raises his hand to slap you, he remembers what you submitted. He said, “Don’t let the devil be deceiving us.”

You must have value as a woman. Please stop eating with 10 fingers, that is the essence of your freedom. It’s not for you to now go haywire and begin to mess around, No. It’s to add value. 

This freedom has discipline in it, it’s for you to start adding value wherever you are. Don’t wear as jewelry the properties you should own.

Don’t wear outfits because you want to look like pastor Nike, you don’t know her story, you don’t know where she’s coming from.

True freedom is the ability to accept yourself the way God has blessed you and then to add value to others.

Proverbs 21:20, there is treasure to be desired and oil in the dwelling of the wise but a foolish person spends it up. 

By November this year, print your statement of accounts, you’ll be shocked how much God has put in your hand. 

I beg of you, do something with your life, be an asset, not a liability. Time is going, you’re going to wake up very soon and realize that you are 84.

I can’t believe I’ll be 56 very soon, I can’t believe it, “When did they born me sef?” and every time, I’m saying to myself, “Olufunke, you are running behind schedule, run, run, run, run, the Lord cometh. Touch more lives, do something, let a widow go to bed today, thanking God for you, let one-off and be glad and be grateful that you are here.” 

Wake up, woman. Time is going, you are running behind schedule. Do something with your life, you are free not to roam about but to add value. Let your husband wake up in the dead of the night with teary eyes, thanking God for the day he met you. That’s the way you have added value to him.

I told my husband many years ago, I wish Jesus would just come and say, all of you that are married, “Remain married”. My husband said, “I know Jesus will not say that but I’m going to tell him o, your mansion should not be far from my own. I said, “Me, I will even tell him, let it be the next.” – Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo

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