June 21, 2024



Apostle Arome Osayi

Guidelines for safe fasting because medical science has revealed that 78% of our body matter is water so we live on water literally that’s what it means and if by any means you don’t have as much water as you need in your body you are already setting up a situation that is counterproductive.


If you are doing dry fast without water and I need to tell you quickly, maybe you want to love God, you want to you know press into God and all of that and you feel you want to do a dry fast, it’s always recommended that you do three days, the one you will not take water.

Three days is the recommendation for that, and just in case after three days you feel overwhelmed by the presence of God, and you intend to continue, you are allowed to continue, but your limit for a dry fast without water should be seven days.

If you are going beyond seven days, it is recommended that you begin to take water. I learned this one from master fasting men.

This one is not scripture, I’m just giving you safe guidelines for safe fasting.

In my own opinion, if you do a three-day fast, the power of a three-day fast is enormous, most of you don’t know. 

The kind of fast that Esther, the dry fast that Esther did, how long was it? It shook the government and tilted things in her favor, just three days of dry fasting.

If you have a problem that is so difficult that you cannot solve, I recommend three days of dry fasting. That’s one of the easiest ways to move the hand of God, and you must have an excellent reason to go beyond three days.

And the good reason is that God told you. 

If you are not directed by God, we have other modes of fasting that you can do, not dry. Is that clear?

I love you guys, I want us to live long together. Fasting doesn’t give you a miracle, it doesn’t change God, it actually changes you. 

It is a facility by which you can yield, you can adjust, you can find alignment through the sensitivity that is in your spirit.

So the recommendation is, if there is a serious challenge, the prescription is three days dry fasting. 

If, you see the “If” is very big, if you’re overwhelmed with the presence of God, what the presence of God does, like Moses, he walked into the presence of God and forgot food. 

The presence of God can sustain your body without food, there’s a dimension of the presence of God that can come upon you and you will not feel that you have not eaten food, you can use that dimension to do seven days.

Don’t continue, if you’re going to go beyond seven days, begin to take water.

I hope I’m making myself clear?  Alright.” – Apostle Arome Osayi

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