July 16, 2024

THE MAKING: Interview with Pastor Speak Adeyeye.

Shared Secrets on Hosting the Presence of God.

Shared Secrets, 22nd November 2019.


Good Evening Pastor Speak. Thank you so much, sir, for honouring our invitation. We’ve heard and seen you manifest supernatural realities in your ministry. We want to know how you were able to do that by answer the following questions;

What was your drive/convictions for going into ministry?

I was working in a well-paying company when God told me to quit my job. I was then facing spiritual attacks and I went on 40 days fasting. It was after the fast my ministry started.

What Price (s) did you pay to manifest spiritual realities?

The major price I paid is intimacy. It’s in my intimacy with God I got to know more about the glory realm. I also learnt from people who had gone ahead of me (early fathers who manifested spiritual realities). 


I learnt to gain prayer stamina and fast a lot. I pray in tongues for nothing less than 5 hours every day. I read lots of books too. I didn’t care about the denomination. I read books about the biography of founders of different denomination. 

I dared God and took many risks. I stepped out in faith to walk in spiritual realities. 


You pray nothing less than 5 hours every day. What’s the secret to praying that long and being consistent at it?

I was motivated and pushed by the books I read. I read books on many Nigerian Ministers such as Apostle Ayo Babalola of C.A.C, Moses Orimolade of Cherubim and Seraphim movement, Bishop Benson Idahosa and the likes.

I learnt from their experience and how they engaged God. They prayed hard and long. God also helped me. The more we approach the end time, the more the spirit of God sets in and time would seem like nothing compared to eternity. 

What are the conditions attached to manifesting the Supernatural?

  1. Align your mind towards the supernatural place; that is a dimension of heaven. Focus on the reality you want to walk in. Whatever you look at, you become.

  2. Believe and have a mindset that it is possible to manifest spiritual realities.

  3. Tune your hearing frequency to that of God. And this can be done by speaking in tongues.

  4. Listen to the spirit of counsel. Often time than none, the spirit of counsel teaches you personal things to do which were not mentioned in the Bible. 

  5. Your motive for prayer and fasting shouldn’t be for fame or power, but for relationship and intimacy with the father. 

  6. The glory of God can also manifest through rugged praise. Psalm 74.


What is the Glory realm, sir?

First of all, the glory realm is the fullness and manifestation of God. It is making everything possible because everything is possible with God. Walking in the glory realm is the workings of what is happening in heaven on earth. 

What’s your perception about the ministry of angels?

Angels are very important ministering spirits. Throughout Jesus life on earth, from birth to death, angels were involved. Angles can be sent as messengers and ministers. A man can even partner with angels to get things done. 

How can the Glory realm be accessed?

Believe that heaven is real and be hungry for the atmosphere of God. Soaking with spontaneous worships (songs of the Lord from within your spirit). Dancing is also a portal for accessing the glory realm. I learnt this from Victoria Orenze. Finally, tears also send a frequency into the realm of the spirit. 

How do you distinguish between manifestations of God and that of the Devil?

The devil will not give you what will draw you closer to God. That’s how to do different wonders performed by God and the devil.

Advice for young ministers sir.

Do not conceal secret sins. Cry to God for help and also speak out to those you trust can help you. 

Make yourself available by God to be appointed into the intercessory office. Intercession forces the hand of God to come upon people and it’s often the fastest way to see visions and hear God. 

You also do not need a pulpit to operate in the glory realm. Every belief can if you hunger for God. Thank you very much.

Thank you so much sir for your time and sharing with us your experiences. 

There is another edition of  “The Making…Shared Secrets” coming up on 23rd July 2020, and more secrets will be shared by Rev’d Tolu Agboola and Pastor Doyin Keye. You will learn practical ways to host the presence of God, walk in the supernatural, and also key things about ministry.

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