May 21, 2024

THE MAKING: Interview With Rev’d Olowojaiye 

Shared Secrets on Hosting the Presence of God.

22nd November 2019.

We are glad to have you here sir. Thank you so much for honouring our invitation, we celebrate you, sir.

What was your conviction for going into ministry

I was a lawyer but I resigned when I heard the call of God audibly and through dreams to go into pastoral work. Different people also affirmed the call of God upon my life. God then told me to read classic books by A.W Tozer, Kathryn Khulman, Billy Graham, and D.L Moody.

Being in ministry and producing results obviously does not come on a player of gold. What were the price you paid?

I prayed a prayer of difference, lived my life in accordance with God’s word, fasted at times 150 days or 180 days per year. I also developed a strong character, disciplined myself from money, and cheap popularity. 

How many years have you been into ministry?

20 years.


What has been your challenges in ministry?

I’ve been hated by fake brethren and those meant to love me, sin, and lack of money. I was also persecuted because I wanted to be excellent in the midst of mediocrity.

How did you overcome those challenges?

Intentional humility, willingness to assist, and having a sense of responsibility. Singing hymns, prayer, and also my wife helped me to overcome challenges in ministry.

Was there ever a time you got frustrated, tired, and felt like quitting? If yes, why?

Yes! I’ve been frustrated almost constantly. Fellow ministers and money issues made me feel like quitting but God has been helping me.

How have you been able to balance family affairs, finances, and ministry together?

I set goals for a vacation with my family, and we go on outings twice a week. I also organize my day and work with appointments and have plans for resting. Anointing without planning equals catastrophe.


What were the things you did that enabled you to walk in the supernatural?

Prayer! Lots of prayers, fasting and reading the word of God till it sticks and become a part of you. Also, I wasn’t too careful. I took risks and stepped out in faith. I was willing to take risks and make mistakes although I was wise enough not to jump into mistakes blindly.

I also read good books especially classical Christian books. The Holy Spirit only reveals himself to you based on the capacity of knowledge. To increase in knowledge enables you to walk more in the supernatural.

How have you been able to sustain your fire and commitment to Christ till now?

Through prayers and moving closer to people of similar passion. Iron sharpens iron. 


Who is/are your mentor(s)?

I was and still mentored by books (classical Christian books), Rev’d Gabriel Abikoye, Mark Shaw (on life, marriage and the light), John Haggi (on practical Christianity’s and communal mentoring).

Your Advice to young ministers sir?

  1. Live according to the spirit. If you must host the presence of God, you have to walk according to the dictates to the spirit. 

  2. Live a life of obedience. If you disobey God as a leader, your followers will disobey you. Obedience is the key to unlock supernatural abilities.

  3. In all your becomings, let your life point back to Christ.

  4. A good shoe is important as a least as it compliments a bad dress. 

  5. Learn how to interprete mysteries. Life itself is coded.


Thank you so much sir for your time and for sharing with us your experiences. 


There is another edition of  “The Making…Shared Secrets” coming up on 23rd July 2020, and more secrets will be shared by Rev’d Tolu Agboola and Pastor Doyin Keye. You will learn practical ways to host the presence of God, walk in the supernatural, and also key things about ministry.

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