July 16, 2024



Bishop David Oyedepo

“You know, everything that works, works by knowledge, everything that works, everything. 

Do you know why you have a lot of divorces?

People are so ignorant about marriage, there are many married people here who have never read any book in their life about marriage, they have never read one neither have they sat in any marriage seminar in their life. They know nothing about it.

Before we got married, I read eight books on marriage, how many?

My books were balanced and we have been in it now for many years, I don’t have any experience of “What you do when they fight” we don’t fight.

I was smarter than that before I was married but people have never read anything. 

There are people who are going to have children, they have never read anything on pregnancy or how to give birth, so the slightest sign, “God oh!” You know he knows nothing, he’s never read nothing .

There are people who have never read anything on child-raising, they’re just producing children, they are just producing.

They have never read nothing, you see you can never be a leader in anything you are not willing to learn.” – Bishop David Oyedepo

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