July 23, 2024



Apostle Arome Osayi

A Christian’s evaluation is actually the content of his prayer. If you can hear him when he prays, hear what he prays about. 

His prayer is empty of God and full of self, he’s a babe, his neighbor to die, everybody to die, only him to live. 

When you hear that kind of prayer, he might gather people in a big camp but he’s gathering babes and cultivating the ground for babes.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when God will give you instruction to bring judgment on people, don’t get me wrong that one is part of it.

The Holy Spirit will quicken you that way all right, just check his prayer: empty of god, full of self, he’s a babe. He doesn’t know what he’s called into.

When you begin to access the narrow paths because the Holy Spirit begins to bridle you and bring you into real kingdom things, real heavenly things, your prayers will be full of God and empty of self.

For a long time, you will even forget to pray for yourself for a long time.

When you begin to grow in selflessness, in selfless service, when you stand and speak for God, you will be like Jesus when he said that the prince of this world came and did not find anything so he has to obey.

That his proclamation was not coming from a man that was self-centered but a man that was Christ-centered, that is what gave his utterances, authority, and gave his utterances, power. It was an expression of a kingdom that is yonder.

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