May 21, 2024



Apostle Joshua Selman

The Bible is talking about profit. What shall it profit a man, if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?

The soul and the world are commodities of transactions, that you can use your soul as currency to buy the world. The real commodity of exchange is not Naira and Kobo, Pounds or Dollars; it’s not oil, it’s your soul.

Are you really in profit when you use your soul to gain the world?

Apostle John begins to admonish us, he says, “I wish above all things that ye prosper and be in health but make sure while you prosper”, your soul is not used as the collateral.

What shall it profit a man, if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?

Remember, there were three temptations that Satan brought to Jesus and the last of them was, “Bow down to be, let me make this thing easy for you. I control the cosmos. The kings of the mountains have been delegated by me. There’s no need dying through the blood and the cross, just bow and I’ll give you the keys.”

You get into trouble with Satan when you want to prosper even as your soul prospers. That’s where hell will fight you. You can prosper but he extracts the vitality of your work while you increase, this is how Babylon prospers.

You can not prosper in the kingdom at the expense of your soul, and you can not prosper outside the kingdom with your soul being intact.

The real collateral is your soul.

The battle for wealth is not just the battle for finances, No! We are engaging the economic system of the kingdom because we understand that if our hope is only in this life, we are of all men most miserable.

Now, there are people who are making an announcement to Satan, that we will both prosper and our soul will be intact.

Remember Psalm 112, Wealth and riches will be in his house, and his righteousness endures forever.”

When you declare this, you have declared war because the way Satan prospers people in this system is that you bring your soul, not as an occultic initiation. He uses time to get your soul.

When your prayer life dies when you become a millionaire, your soul is going.

When you become a billionaire and find extra room for your wife, and say, “You can’t stay with me again, I don’t trust anybody in this life, even my biological mother”

You think you are being wise but your soul is going.

You have a garage where you park your car, a safe where you put your money, boxes where you keep jewelry but you leave your soul exposed. The Bible says there is a system that ensures that people continue to endanger their souls while they increase.

You can easily know who prospered a man by looking at his soul. When you increase even as your soul prospers, you have tapped into the economic system of the kingdom.

The battle for wealth is not about money, but about redeeming the time, preserving our souls, and fulfilling destiny.

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