April 16, 2024




“You know as a pastor’s wife, for instance even when there are no seats, your own still waits. 

Even when you come late to church, not legitimately maybe your headgear just refused to cooperate that day and you came late to church, ushers will still carry your bible, they will still lead you to that seat. It’s a great privilege, it’s a great honor.

That’s why I keep telling people, please for God’s sake, don’t kill us. Stop kneeling down to talk to us, we are not God.

In our culture, you kneel down to greet people, yes.

Kneel down and stand up but why would you kneel down and be speaking to a fellow human being and  you remain on your knees and you are speaking to a fellow human being whose breath is in his nostrils, who can go to bed and not wake up, who can give an appointment for 11 o’clock and quarter to 11 is dead.

Don’t worship us, many church members are killing their pastors. Stop worshipping your pastors, greet them and stand up and speak to them. We are fellow human beings, we were taken from among you. 

This pulpit can kill, you can finish committing adultery and still come back and fire is coming out of your mouth

I don’t respect your charisma, I prefer character.” – Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo

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