June 21, 2024
Download Knowing God Koinonia Abuja Sermon with Apostle Joshua Selman

Download Knowing God Koinonia Abuja Sermon with Apostle Joshua Selman



Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

When God deals with your heart, it doesn’t happen at once. It happens level by level. 

Listen, this guy can be born again filled with the Holy Ghost, are you listening to me? He can be working in signs and wonders but there are issues in his heart.

God will not deal with it yet because at that level, the dealings will be too heavy and it will discourage his journey, so God will just keep quiet as if there is nothing there, this is what a lot of believers mistake and they think God is careless.

Do you realize the Bible says that when men slept what happened, they sowed tares among the wheat and when they got up the disciples told the master in that parable, they said, “Should we remove them?” He said, No, no, no, no because as you are doing that the wheat is still tender and you may not differentiate the wheat and the tare so if you pull it at that point you may destroy innocent things.

So if God begins to hammer on some things in your life, it may be too drastic to discourage you, so God will allow you to continue, so you still have a lot of things that are not consistent with the way of God, there’s pride, there’s arrogance.

There is everything but you are still seeing the anointing and every time you go to pray, God doesn’t talk to you about it, hallelujah. 

Then one day, when you grow firm enough to be able to take that level of dealing now you are praying suddenly, you are praying and you hear God begin to tell you, “Okay, let’s deal with this problem of pride or let’s deal with this problem of lust and you’re saying, “Lord, me, lust, I forgot about the issue of pride or these sins” and God will say, “Really, do you trust me and then God will expose yourself to you and you will see and you say, “Lord have mercy upon me” and then he will grant you grace and empower you, up you go to a higher realm in the spirit, this is how men grow, this is what the bible calls spiritual growth. 

What many people are doing is numerical advancement in the earth realm, not spiritual growth, they are going around Jericho forever and they are not growing.”

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