July 23, 2024



Apostle Arome Osayi

The devil doesn’t have the right to make you make a choice, all he can do is seduce you.

He will tell you the kind of things you are going to enjoy if you subscribe to this choice. It is you eventually that will make the choice. 

And when the appetite of your flesh is captured by the devil’s product, he sends a request to the soul; the soul will need to approve that application because the moment the information gets to the soul, the soul will reach out to the spirit and say, “What are you saying?”

So, if it happens to be that your spirit has been galvanized to be stronger than your soul, that parable will not fly.

And there are only two things that you can do to your spirit to make it perpetually stronger than the voice of the flesh.

You feed it with the proceeding word of God and also you can build the muscles of your spirit by praying in tongues.

It’s not all praying in tongues that is prayer. There are some praying in tongues that are like you are gyming and if by any means your spirit is found without biceps…

May the Lord help us in Jesus name.” – Apostle Arome Osayi

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