May 21, 2024



Apostle Arome Osayi

“One activity that is an activity that is based on exercising your spirit is speaking in tongues.

Most of us speak in tongues and it is very loud. You should be able to pray in tongues and the person sitting close to you doesn’t know. 

That one that is not, if you are fighting you shout, if you want to release the grace.

It was and Jesus cursed the fig tree and the disciples heard him so he didn’t curse the fig tree in his heart, “and you die now to your roots.”

His disciples heard him but there are many things you can do indoors.

In my walk with God, let me tell you a secret: when I’m at home, I don’t pray out and this happened because I went to visit my sister one day in an environment where I couldn’t shout, meanwhile I was coming from my country, we used to shout at Satan and darkness. 

Then, I went there and she said “Young man, I understand you like prayer but here, you can’t shout here”, so I had to discover something new. 

At first when I started praying soft, I wasn’t feeling it on my heart the way the shout was but when I stayed on it I found out this was how Jesus prayed. 

So you might see me in the hall, praying and it doesn’t look like I’m praying.

I’m praying in my heart, I’m praying in tongues inside although if you come very close you will know anyway. 

That prayer I’m praying inside, I know the reaction is producing. I know when I have prayed to a point where I can make you stumble from that seat, I know. 

I feel every movement that is taking place on the inside. 

Do you feel your spirit, if your spirit rises? Do you know when you have prayed until you have authority to heal the sick, do you know how it feels in your spirit? When you do, the people that you are afraid of will become afraid of you. 

That’s why when you see me, I don’t pray loud until there’s an unction that comes on me.

I pray inside softly, I can be looking at you, I’m praying, looking at you, I’m praying.

What is happening on my inside is much more than what’s happening outside and I’m studying the movement, I’m studying when he will rise up because I’ve exercised it and I will yet exercise it so Paul says that I pray in tongues more than you all.” – Apostle Arome Osayi

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