June 23, 2024
FOCUS – STICK WITH IT with Pastor Nathaniel Bassey

FOCUS – STICK WITH IT with Pastor Nathaniel Bassey

FOCUS – STICK WITH IT with Pastor Nathaniel Bassey

LEFT -Over 20 years ago RIGHT – Over 20 years after. By God’s special grace through His Holy Spirit, I have learned the Art and power of FOCUS…. “…to direct your attention or effort at something specific” When I found my calling, I stuck with it. I remember a few people saying that playing the trumpet didn’t sell, and wasn’t trendy, BUT I STUCK WITH IT.

A dear friend even suggested I did some comedy by the side since I could make people laugh, But I still stayed on my lane. Has God called you to do something, ONE THING? Stick with it. Set your eyes as a flint. Give yourself to it. While loving and following God. Then come back a few years from now and let’s talk. Dear young person, Any time you feel it’s taking too long, please revisit this image and be encouraged.

If you can follow God wholly and just stick with that “trumpet in your hand” (your’s maybe something else), You will Glorify God and Impact your generation. So, Say to yourself, STICK WITH IT! – FOCUS! #STICKWITHIT – “to continue doing something although it is difficult:”

Kindly share with your friends especially youths! A revival will visit the earth soon, and it is our responsibility at SBiC to make materials available in FREE sermons and ebooks to prepare you for it!

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