April 11, 2024
Download Knowing God Koinonia Abuja Sermon with Apostle Joshua Selman

Download Knowing God Koinonia Abuja Sermon with Apostle Joshua Selman



Apostle Joshua Selman

“There is nowhere in the bible where God tells a woman to love a man. God does not instruct women to love men.

The Bible tells women, wives to respect their husbands because psychologically speaking, love does not mean anything to a man but when you honor and respect that man, that is his idea of love. Are we together now?

All men without reservation, please listen to me, no matter how emotionally appealing a woman is towards a man, if genuine respect and honor are not there, there is a violation of a foundational ordinance, it’s a matter of time, there will be a repercussion. 

In the Bible, Jesus himself spoke a bit about marriage, and then in Ephesians chapter 5 when you read the Bible says, wives, submit; wives respect.

Now let me tell you this, it is true that honor should be for all men but there are all kinds of nonsense flowing around society that the concept of equality is being one with Christ, but organically speaking

Listen, ladies, please hear me organically speaking, the head of every woman is her husband. He is not the head only when he brings food, he is the head as this God knows what he builds and when he gives you a pattern, maintain it. Are we together now?

The bible clearly tells us, wives, your interpretation of love to a husband is submission and respect that means, I hope you know the Bible says he that finds a wife finds a good thing, he didn’t say he that finds a woman and makes her a wife, that means she must be a wife to be found. 

A wife does not happen when you are married, a wife is a mental position, are we together now? This is a very powerful revelation.

Ladies, it means that every woman who wants to be successful in her home and every woman who wants to be successful even in a relationship must before a man comes to your life, the assignment you should be involved with is learning submission and learning respect because this is the mandate upon you to your husband as Paul began to teach the church. 

It will be difficult, brothers and sisters, for a woman who truly understands respect and honor and submission to have a bad marriage, it will be difficult. There is something respect does to men, it makes them vulnerable. 

When a woman respects a man truly, when a woman submits to a man truly and unashamedly, she makes him owe her, he will owe her honor, he will owe her care but ladies are gradually losing it because the context of modern-day society tells you, “Look, you know the whole, you stand up for your right” and so on and so forth and we’re corrupting God’s pattern, it’s a matter of time, there will be destruction. Hallelujah!


Ask anybody who is from 50, 60, 70 years old and above, in marriage because they’ve gone long enough to tell you, they will tell you sincerely, that the strength of a woman is in her submission. 

Look up, two books in the Bible are named after women, Ruth and Esther. Isn’t it amazing that the book of Esther is not called Ahasuerus and the book of Ruth is not called Boaz and the books parallel themselves because the books have to do with number one, weak women: Ruth and Hadassah.

Number two, the Bible, that book has to do with great, successful, and established men, Ahasuerus and Boaz and in both books, the strength of the women was their weakness. Are you getting what I’m saying now?

It was the dexterity of Esther’s submission, her wisdom that made her to conquer Haman, granted access for the promotion of Mordecai, are we together now, and eventually stopped what would have been the destruction of the Jews.

There was no sword that Esther held yet she killed everything. Weakness is greater than strength, weakness is a weapon, it can do many great things.

Ladies, let me tell you this, make up your mind that you are going to preserve your family by sustaining the unashamedness to sincerely submit to your husband and to respect him. 

Do you know what respect means? Respect means to hold in high esteem, to respect means to praise, are we together now? 

I wrote something here you may want to write it down while I was preparing, the Holy Spirit just fired this to my spirit and I said, “Wow, this is instructive”, ready? 

Love in marriage is unconditional but stability and fulfillment is highly conditional.” – Apostle Joshua Selman

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