July 16, 2024
The Life Story of Frank Edwards From Street Hawker

The Life Story of Frank Edwards From Street Hawker

The life story of Frank Edwards from street hawker to the Vice President of the Biggest record label in Africa

“I remember my mum advised me to decline the collection of 1 million naira that was my share of my first CD sales, she said it was my first fruit.” Frank Edwards continued I painfully declined it!

Though my mum and myself needed this money so badly. I remember Hawking with my mum in Enugu! But today the story has changed, people call me almost every time to bless me because of how my music has been a blessing to them!

I remember going to South Africa for my first video records and some group so much love my music and want to spread it abroad if only I will replace the name Jesus with God! So those that have offence with Jesus name can buy my CDs! Friends the offer was massive!

But I remember God told me, decline this and I will double that offer! In my obedience to God’s voice, the first gift I received in my return to Nigeria was $10,000. Am I to talk about how God made me live in houses I never built? God has shown me mercy! Or how God divinely connected me to Don Moen?

These and much more are the available testimonies of Frank Edwards, we recommend this documentary to every gospel artiste and upcoming ones.

Watch Frank Edwards Full Documentary Here

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